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The American Correctional Officer Intelligence Network has donated 1,800 of their hero series books to the Foundation. “My Dad’s a Hero, My Dad is a Correctional Officer”, and “My Mom’s a Hero, My Mom is a Correctional Officer”, retail for $11.95 plus $7.50 shipping. As a fundraiser for this year’s National Medal of Honor Awards, we are offering them at $16.49 (includes $7.50 for packaging and shipping. A case of 25 is available for $200 plus $65 for P&S, (mixed cases $210 Plus $65 P&S).


This book was written with a police psychologist and includes a great Q & A to help answer some of our children’s questions. There is a reason our children grow up admiring and wanting to be police officers, firefighters, and soldiers. Why don’t they grow admiring correctional officers? It’s a matter of perception. This book starts to change that. Let this be the first impression our children have of what we do and who we are, rather than television, Hollywood or the media.

With Correctional Officers week a month away, this donation came at a perfect time. Keep a case on hand to congratulate your staff when a new addition enters their lives and support the Medal of Honor at the same time. And thanks ACOIN for this donation!


Lt. Edward Sullivan, Chairman, NMOHF


Testimonials ...


“The book looks awesome!....... I love the concept. The guide in the back helps explain a lot and makes it easier to communicate with my children. Thank you. Your time and effort is very much appreciated from my husband and me.     -R. Perez CO, California



“Hi, We received our book. The kids were so excited my husband had to read it to them as soon as he opened the package!     -C. Leonard,  Colorado



WooHoo!!!! Just received mine. Love it, mom is reading it with our little guy as we speak. Thank you so much I love my Book...     -C/O J, Fields, Oregon.

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